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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the final ENERGY STAR Version 2.0 Lamps Program Requirements. The cover memo and other associated documents are available on the Lamps Versi[...]

Lumentra Announces Partnership with LabTest

Lumentra Inc. and LabTest Certification Inc. Announce Partnership to help the Lighting Manufacturers reach their Markets To download this press release in PDF, please click here. Toronto, 27[...]

Lumentra Celebrates IYL

2015 is the United Nation's International Year of Light. The purpose is to raise awareness about how light-based technologies are impacting sustainable development and providing solutions to the world[...]

Lumentra Approved as Test Lab and Certifier for CEC Title 24

Toronto, ON, Jan 19, 2015 - Lumentra Inc. is now approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as a test lab and third party certifier for lighting products. Title 24 mandates building energy eff[...]

New DOE Rules for Fluorescent Ballasts

As of today, November 14, 2014, new DOE rules have come into effect changing how fluorescent ballasts are regulated. The new rules impose minimum performance levels on a new metric known as ballast lu[...]

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Who We Are

Lumentra is a cleantech company specializing in material solutions for the Light Emitting Diode (LED) industry. Specifically, we develop novel nanophosphors for improving the efficiency and colour qualities of LEDs and nanocomposite thermal management materials. Lumentra also provides standards-based photometric, thermal and electrical characterization for lighting manufacturers. Lumentra is a spin off from the University of Toronto and is located in the heart of Ontario’s Discovery District. Our unique business model focuses on developing high value nanomaterial solutions bootstrapping our way through service offering. This enables us to grow organically with positive revenue from our early stage, with minimum external investment.

Our responsibility to our clients and partners begins with providing timely test and measurement services of highest quality and reliability. We are ISO 17025/NVLAP accredited for our photometric and related services. Our product offerings will be based on green technologies and help industry improve energy efficiency and lighting quality of their products. Our primary commercialization motivation is to benefit society through our ability to innovate. We perceive profit as a vehicle to reinvest in further innovation. We provide a friendly, stimulating and intellectually challenging workplace for our employees.

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board

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What We Do


Modern high bright white LEDs are inorganic phosphor converted GaN based blue emitters. This approach has proven to be highly efficient and has lowered the cost of white LEDs, while improving the electrical to optical efficiency. However, a major drawback is the poor color quality. Besides, rare earth materials used to make current phosphors are very limited in their reserve and the industry is forced to find alternatives. To address this need, Lumentra is developing the next generation nanophosphors that significantly improve color quality. This technology is cost effective and is based on a scalable, flexible and clean-synthesis platform that has the potential to replace rare earth materials currently in use in SSL.


To fund these R&D needs, Lumentra is bootstrapping through its service offerings for the LED industries. LED luminaire manufacturers in Canada have limited access to standards-based test and measurement services. Lumentra fills this void by providing those essential services. We offer a full suite of optical, thermal, environmental, and electrical testing. Our services assist manufacturers design, certify, and market their LED-based lighting products. In addition to providing quick-turnaround testing, Lumentra also offers standards compliance consultation to accelerate market placement of lighting products. Lumentra is ISO 17025 and NVLAP accredited by National Institute for Standards and Technologies (NIST) under the Energy Efficient Lighting Products Program.


Our technical staff have over 30 years of experience in the lighting techologies gained through successes in demanding R&D and industrial applications. We provide technical consulting and advisory services for a wide range of matters, including but not limited to optical design, standard compliance and lighting certification program application (Energy Star, DesignLights Consortium and Lighting Facts). Contact us with your problem and we will explain how we can best serve you.

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