GMS-1800 Rotating Luminaire Goniophotometer

GMS-1800 goniophotometer is a professional test device for measuring of photometric parameters of various luminaires such as projecting lighting, road lighting and room lighting and its spatial luminous intensity distribution. The measurement parameters include spatial iso-intensity curve, intensity distribution curve of each section (shown with rectangular coordinate system or polar coordinate system), plane iso-illuminance distribution curve, luminance limitation curve, lamp efficiency, glare grade, effective luminous angle, upward luminous flux ratio, downward luminous flux ratio, total luminous flux, effective luminous flux,utilization factor and electric parameters (power, power factor, voltage and current) etc.


Cross laser collimation device, making it easy and accurate to calibrate the position of tested lamp.


Compact structure, can use one pillar or two pillars to test grille lamp, tube lamp, floodlight lamp, etc.


Dark room field control system can easily and conveniently realize manual control on the rotation of tested lamp and also on the cross laser collimation device.


GMS-1800 Goniophotometer test system combines fixed detectors and rotating lamp as its way of measurement. The tested lamp is mounted on work platform which can rotate in two dimensions. Through using the cross laser, it’s easy to adjust the luminescence centre of the tested lamp on the cross of the vertical rotating axis of the work platform and the horizontal rotating axis of the lamp holder. When the tested lamp rotates around the vertical axis, the fixed detector obtains the luminous intensity values on horizontal plane; when the tested lamp rotates around the horizontal axis, the fixed detector obtains the luminous intensity values on the vertical plane. The tested lamp can continuously rotate on each axis from -180° to 180°. Conforming to the related standards, different types of lamps are tested accordingly in the way of B-β or C-γ coordinates. After obtaining the luminous intensity data in all directions, the certain software can compute other photometric parameters.


  • Accuracy of the photodetector:Confirm to National Illuminance Standard;
  • Luminance range:001 lx~2*105 lx;
  • Angle accuracy:1 degree;
  • The backlash of the transmission mechanism: <0.1arcmin;
  • Vertical axis movable range: -180°~180°;
  • Horizontal axis movable range: -180°~180°;
  • Accuracy of electrical parameters:5 class (0.5%);
  • Six circuits for power supply and data transfer, capacity of each line: 10A/600V;
  • Maximum specifications of the tested lamp:
  • Power:5KVA;
  • Weight:50kg;
  • Dimensions:1550×1200mm;
  • Distance: 10m~20m(Depends on the laboratory size).


The rotating mirror goniophotometer is available in two configurations.  The single column model is suitable for small to medium size luminaires and the two column version can accommodate full size luminaires.



GMS-2200 comes pre-configured with high accuracy filter photometer.  This is suitable for measuring luminous intensity and luminous flux of all types of luminaire.  Lower cost and high speed of measurement.


Alternatively, it can be configured with a low-cost, high accuracy spectrometer to perform angular variation of spectral properties of luminaire under test.

For further details and custom configurations please contact us.