An Integrating Sphere is used to measure Total Luminous Flux and Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) of any type of luminaire accurately. Colour quantities such as Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT), Colour Rendering Index (CRI) are calculated by our software from SPD.  Standards such as IES LM-79 recommend the luminaire to be measured in the same burning orientation for its intended application.  Our Integrating Spheres with rotating capability facilitates easy mounting and accurate measurement.  These spheres can be combined with optical electrical equipment to evaluate luminaire efficacy (lumen/watt).

Standards Compliant

Standards such as IESNA LM-79 specify the luminaire under test to be operated in the same orientation of normal operational orientation and not moved during measurement.  A rotating sphere facilities accurate measurement that is standards-compliant.


Our spheres can be custom configured to perform measurement in 2pi and 4pi configurations. Multiple baffles can be combined to measure almost any size of lamps and luminaire in 2pi; configuration.


Large size spheres can be ordered with motorized mounting controls that helps easy mounting of Device Under Test reducing personnel injury. An automated laser control ensures the DUT is accurately placed in the middle of the sphere for 4pi tests.


The Device Under Test (DUT) can be mounted in any orientation inside the sphere facilitated by the free rotation of the sphere.  The inner surface of the sphere is uniformly coated by a spectrally flat, diffuse reflecting coating.  Reflections from the entire sphere is collected through a fiber in the exit aperture of the sphere and measured by a high resolution spectrophotometer to obtain the Total Luminous Flux and Spectral Power Distribution (SPD).  Quantities such as CCT and CRI are then calculated.  The sphere is equipped with an auxiliary lamp for self absorption correction of the DUT.  Baffles, geometrically positioned to block the direct radiation reaching the fiber ensure that there is no directional measurement errors in the sphere.


  • Choice of a range of sphere sizes, diameter from 10 cm to 2 meter
  • 0-360 degree rotation of the sphere
  • Choice of motorized or manual rotation of the sphere
  • Equipped with locking bolts to ensure safe operation in any orientations.
  • Choice of 3 coating materials, each spectrally flat throughout the entire prescribed range
  • Measurements in 2 pi and 4 pi geometries (as prescribed by IES LM-79)
  • Equipped with auxiliary lamp for self absorption correction.
  • Laser alignment for centring the DUT
  • Optional video monitoring of the interior of the sphere



Alternatively, it can be configured with a low-cost, high accuracy spectrometer to perform angular variation of spectral properties of luminaire under test.


Our high Frequency Power Source ensures stabilized power with no ripples or current drifts. Our standard model, the HFS-200, has a maximum output power of 300W, a voltage range up to 50V and an output frequency range of 10~200kHz. For your application needs, we can provide you a custom power supply.


A variety of standard power analyzers can be preconfigured with the sphere to measure luminaire efficacy (lumen/watt).  For example, Tektronix PA1000 is a single-phase, single-channel power analysis solution that is optimized for fast, efficient, and accurate power consumption testing to international standards.  It’s compact size, DMM-like user-interface, graphical display, and powerful software enable users to quickly visualize and analyze power conversion efficiency of luminaires. Talk to us for alternate choices for power analysis.

For further details and custom configurations please contact us.