Lumentra is a cleantech company specializing in material solutions for the Light Emitting Diode (LED) industry. Specifically, we develop novel nanophosphors for improving the efficiency and colour qualities of LEDs and nanocomposite thermal management materials. Lumentra also provides standards-based photometric, thermal and electrical characterization for lighting manufacturers. Lumentra is a spin off from the University of Toronto and is located in the heart of Ontario’s Discovery District. Our unique business model focuses on developing high value nanomaterial solutions bootstrapping our way through service offering. This enables us to grow organically with positive revenue from our early stage, with minimum external investment.

Our responsibility to our clients and partners begins with providing timely test and measurement services of highest quality and reliability. We are ISO 17025/NVLAP accredited (Lab Code 500084-0) for our photometric and related services. Our product offerings will be based on green technologies and help industry improve energy efficiency and lighting quality of their products. Our primary commercialization motivation is to benefit society through our ability to innovate. We perceive profit as a vehicle to reinvest in further innovation. We provide a friendly, stimulating and intellectually challenging workplace for our employees.

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