OLED Characterizations

Organic LED (OLED) based devices are fast becoming popular in this tech-savy world. Though expensive at the moment compared to its inorganic counterparts, it will soon capture the global display market because of its brilliant colors, fast response rate, great picture quality, wide viewing angle etc. Today OLED displays are used mainly in small panel displays such as in mobile phones, digital cameras and media players. In the future, companies will be able to produce flexible and transparent OLED panels which will open up a whole world of exciting applications.

Lumentra Inc. offers essential measurements for OLED sample displays and panels during the various stages of product development. Please fill out the online test request form or contact us for pricing.

Measurement Services

•Brightness and Color uniformity
•Brightness and Color angular distribution
•Chromaticity (Duv) difference at various angle
•CRI angular distribution