Lumentra offers a sophisticated array of photometric and radiometric measurements tailored specifically for LED industries. Our optical services include:

Radiometric measurements

Radiometry is concerned with the energy or the power of optical radiation for a given geometry of propagation. The spectrum covers the full range from UV to infrared light and is therefore independent of the sensitivity of the human eye to brightness and color. We test luminaires for the following basic quantities:

  1. Radiant power
  2. Radiant intensity
  3. Irradiance
  4. Radiance

Photometric measurements

Each radiant quantity has a corresponding photometric quantity which takes into account the spectral response of the human eye to visible radiation. Photometric testing of SSL luminaires is of  great importance for most applications. Our testing includes comprehensive analysis of photometric quantities:

  1. Luminous flux
  2. Luminous intensity
  3. Illuminance
  4. Luminance

Colorimetry measurements

Colorimetry relates to the visual perception of color by the human eye and provides a quantitative and qualitative description of color. Our facilities allow for comprehensive testing of colorimetry aspects based on the CIE established procedures. These include:

  1. Color Rendering Index
  2. Correlated Color Temperature
  3. Color coordinates
  4. CIE Color diagram localization


Efficacy is the ability of an LED to convert electrical energy into optical energy. We provide efficacy measurements for SSL luminaires.