Toronto, ON, Mar 18, 2013 – Lumentra Inc. has been awarded accreditation by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code 500084-0) under the Energy Efficient Lighting Products Program. This includes LM-79 for Solid State Lighting Luminaires – Total Flux Measurements and Luminous Efficacy, LM-82 for Characterization of LED Light Engines and LED Lamps for Electrical and Photometric Properties as a Function of Temperature, Color Characteristic Measurements as well as a series of incandescent and fluorescent lamp measurement standards.

“The accreditation is a testament to the excellence of our team whose chief objective is to ensure the highest quality for third party lighting measurement.  NVLAP is the most stringent accreditation in this field and is well recognized internationally,” said Dr. Venkat Venkataramanan, Chief Technology Officer of Lumentra. “Our accredited measurements help local and international lighting industry participate in various certification programs for lighting products, such as Energy Star, DesignLights Consortium and Lighting Facts”, he added.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) administers the NVLAP, whose accreditation requirements go beyond ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation is granted following successful completion of a process that includes on-site assessment, demonstration of satisfactory agreement with NIST in proficiency testing, and technical evaluation. NVLAP accreditation signifies that a laboratory has proved its operation in accordance with NVLAP management and technical requirements pertaining to quality systems, personnel, test methods, equipment, measurement tractability, handling of test items and test reports. Accredited test reports enable manufacturers to submit their lighting products for various certifications, to be qualified under rebate programs and help end users to objectively evaluate the product quality.

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About Lumentra

Lumentra is a cleantech company that develops new material solutions for improving colour quality of solid state lighting products. Lumentra is a spin-off company from the Institute for Optical Sciences at the University of Toronto. It also provides accredited optical, electrical, thermal and environmental measurement services, optical design services, consultancy and standards compliance assistance for the lighting industry. Lumentra’s staff are actively involved in international standard committees to develop standard test methods for semiconductor and organic LEDs.


Dr. Venkat Venkataramanan, CTO
Phone: 416 978 7082